All kind of legal services to natural persons.

Criminal law

We defend suspects and represent sufferers in all criminal cases or pre-trial investigation cases.

Family law

Preparation of weding contracts and drafting of divorce documentation.

Property law

Representation of all king of property owners’ or possessors’ interests during disputes regarding breaches of owners’/possessors’ rights, restitution of property, other.

Law on succession

Consultations regarding succession in Lithuania, representation of clients’ interests during disputes on restoration of terms for accept of patrimony, nullification of testaments, other.

Labor law

Representation of workers’ interests during labor disputes in pre-trial institutions and courts.

Law of oblications

Consultations regarding formation, performance and termination of deals, representation of creditors’/debtors’ interests during disputes on non-performance of obligation, nullification of deals (Action Pauliana), sureties, guaranties, other.

Bankruptcy of natural persons

Drafting of documents initiating personal bankruptcy cases, representation of petitioners and creditors in personal bankruptcy cases.

Other legal services

Administrative rights and administrative offenses

  • protection of personal data,
  • migration,
  • consumers,
  • competition,
  • insurance and ect.