The legal services offered by Stašaitis & Partners law office are divided into specialized areas: Corporate law, finance and tax law, bankruptcy and restructuring, litigation and arbitrary law, transportation law, labor law, industrial and intellectual property law, real estate and construction law, pharmacy and medicine law.

Corporate law

Stašaitis & Partners Law office helps Clients to solve problems in corporation law such as: incorporation, restructuring, reorganization, liquidation or bankrupt of the company. Our lawyers have exceptional skills in Mergers & Acquisitions. By individually estimating every single case we advise you with proper decisions. Also we offer professional legal advice in regard to corporation ruling questions, representing corporations in relationships with third parties and helping to prepare all necessary documents.

Real astate and construction law

We advise Stašaitis & Partners Clients in purchasing or transferring immovable property, preparing all kind of contracts in relation with real estate and construction law. For our Clients we offer creative and rational decisions that are necessary for developing real estate projects. We offer our help in proceeding construction projects, preparing preliminary real estate purchase – sell agreements, represent our clients in negotiations, also analyze all kind of construction contracts.

Finance and tax law

Stašaitis & Partners Law office provides legal advice to Clients on matters of finance and tax laws. We’re giving legal advice on tax issues in regard to deductions and administration questions. We evaluate the commercial activity of our Clients from various sides of tax law. Lawyers of our Law office help you solve your direct and indirect taxation problems, represent Clients in disputes with Tax Authorities, other State institutions or in Court.

Transportation law

Lawyer of Stašaitis & Partners Law Office consult their clients regarding transportation law matters. We provide legal advice for our Clients in connection with transportation of passengers and goods. We represent our Clients in relations with third parties, customers or any other State institution. We prepare necessary contracts and other documents related to transportation law

Labor law

Our lawyers provide legal advice to the Clients of Stašaitis & Partners Law Office on various matters of labor law. We prepare labor contracts and other documents related to labor law. We monitor local labor law acts and represent our Client’s interests in labor law cases.

Farmacy and medicine law

Stašaitis & Partners Law Office gives advises to the Clients on various matters related to pharmacy and medicine law. We represent our Clients in disputes involving malpractice of the doctor. We prepare necessary documents for starting the pharmaceutical business. We consult our clients on matters related to civil responsibility of health care specialists. Also we give advices on drug production and advertising.

Industrial and intellectual property law

We prepare authorship, trademark, industrial design, patent and other licensed contracts. We represent our clients in trademark registration; consult on every matter related to intellectual property. We offer professional help for the Clients of Stašaitis & Partners in ever dispute related to intellectual property, also represent our Clients in relationship with third parties.

Sports law

Stašaitis & Partners Law office provides legal services for Lithuanian and foreign professional athletes, sports clubs and organizations. Lawyers of Stašaitis & Partners Law office provide legal advice on organizing sports events and other activities, sponsoring issues for sports clubs and sports organizations. We prepare and negotiate sports contracts with athletes and coaches, represent our Clients in disputes at Lithuanian and international sports dispute solving institutions.

Bankruptcy and restructuring law

Bankruptcy and restructuring procedures are complicated, so Stašaitis & Partners Law office offers professional help. We consult our Clients regarding starting, implementing, observing bankrupt or restructuring procedures. We prepare documents for the start of bankrupt or restructuring cases and other extrajudicial or judicial documents for bankrupt cases.

Public procurement law

Stašaitis & Partners Law office provides consultations on Lithuanian Public procurement law, represent purchasing organizations or suppliers during disputes related to public procurement issues.

Ongoing debt management, recovery and prevention of the company's debtors

The lawyers, after assessing the documents proving the debt and checking the debtor’s financial situation, determine what legal actions and measures are necessary to recover the debt. Services provided in the field of debt collection and prevention:

  • credit reports,

  • analysis about legal entities both in Lithuania and abroad,
  • monitoring reports (information on changes in customer or debtor companies),

  • preparation of procedural documents (action, counterclaim, court order, claim, etc.),

  • preparation of other documents of legal significance (promissory note; promissory note, payment schedule, etc.),

  • Representation of the client in negotiations,

  • preparation of strategy and additional documents,

  • pre-trial debt recovery,

  • judicial recovery of debt.

Other legal services

Administrative rights and administrative offenses

  • protection of personal data

  • migration,
  • consumers,
  • competition,
  • insurance and ect.